WHO WE AREWe Do The Work Differently

Karma Consulting Group is a full-service judgment collection firm headquartered in Calabasas, California. Operating with expertise in all fifty-eight counties of California, we are your best choice for your judgment collection needs.
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WHAT WE DODefining Success Together

The California Code of Civil Procedure sections 680.010 through 724.260, also known as Title 9, outlines the many avenues of enforcement available to holders of judgments in the State of California. At Karma Consulting Group we utilize all the tools available to us to collect your money at no up-front cost to you.

HOW WE DORenowned For Top Quality

The professionals at Karma Consulting Group have worked for decades as asset investigators, forensic accountants, attorneys, and paralegals. In fact, it was our expertise in locating hidden assets that compelled us to start a judgment collection firm to assist the public in one of the most underserved industries in California.

Our judgment collection specialists have over 80 years combined experience identifying and locating assets.